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Forexhighs is a Forex mentor for people who want to advance their technical analysis and go the extra miles using our platform  . This platform will provide technical contents for beginners in order to teach them fx trading by efficient Forex trading basics. Forex trading for Beginners start by our Forex training section. It will consequently help beginners to master Forex trading . They can practice our free Forex trading basics by Forex demo accounts. Our Forex trading tutorial will cover step by step, essential knowledge of technical analysis for Forex market. Professional Forex traders can use our Forex Forum and Forex news section too. They can also share their views or discuss their Forex trading strategies with skilled Fx traders. As a successful Forex trader you can show your live currency trading status in Forex market too by using Trade explorers in Forex world. Professional traders can act as a Forex mentor too.

First and foremost, following Forex trading basics are vital for anyone who is trading in Forex market, Professionals call them Forex trading for dummies :

What is Forex and how Forex trading works?

Introduction to Forex demo accounts and Fx live accounts using metatrader 4 moreover some explanation about Forex brokers. Pros and cons between metatrader 4 demo vs real.

Description of Japanese Candle stick chart followed by candle stick analysis. Illustration of Candlestick patterns for example, first hammer candlestick second doji candlestick third Bullish Engulfing pattern. Explanation of  how to read candlestick charts and strategies for profiting with Japanese candlestick charts.

Explanation of Gartley pattern, second Bat pattern next ABCD pattern. Furthermore illustration of pattern trading for example butterfly next Shark and Crab pattern trading.

Introduction to head and shoulders pattern, Double top pattern, Double bottom pattern, Triple top pattern, Triple bottom pattern, Flag pattern, Triangle pattern too.

Explanation of relative strength index(RSI), moving average, MACD and on the other hand Over bought&Oversold definition in Fx trading.

Definition of Bullish divergence, Bearish divergence and hidden divergence in addition Elliot wave trading.

Finally the most important secret to succeed  in Forex world which is money management and risk to reward in currency trading.